We care to make a difference

Our massage therapists not only give great massages, they are experienced in gait analysis and postural assessment to identify any areas of tension or physical imbalance. We are certified to provide bespoke Oncology Massage for those who have or recovered from cancer. We blend our favourite techniques from deep tissue, myofascial release, Indian head massage and hands-free massage therapy to give you the treatment your body is calling for.    

Attention to detail 

As a part of our care to all of our clients, theRelaxologist is a Dementia Friend and an Autism Friend so we are more than happy to adapt our sessions to accommodate those with additional needs. Please get in touch to tell us what would work best for you.

Working wonders for wellness

We know that maintaining your highest level of health and feeling less restricted by the limitations of your body, can contribute to an improved sense of well-being. We do not think that built up tension in your neck and shoulders from working at a computer or driving all day is something to put up with. 

We want you to be able to take part in the activities that give your life meaning so if you are depressed, anxious or suffering after trauma or fatigue, we can offer a nurturing massage which can help to revive your aching muscles and calm the nervous system.

Julie from Bradfield said that after her massage “it is easier to sleep better and my Irritable Bowels are less irritating!”

We want you to really relax so that your treatment will leave you feeling rejuvenated and able to enjoy more of the things that matter to you.

We understand how lovely it is to feel warm, cosy and at ease in safe hands during your relaxing treatment. To bring the spa experience to your space at home we provide a heated massage table and use warm fluffy towels to maintain your dignity. We have carefully selected soy candles and essential oil room essence from Temple Spa to help you feel calm and relaxed in a tranquil atmosphere.

If you would like the feeling of wellness to last beyond your treatment session, something else needs to happen in addition to receiving a nice relaxing massage. Our care plans are tailored to you individually, so that we can share exercises to help maintain your flexibility, practical ideas including relaxation tools and ongoing support to help keep you motivated to stay on track to becoming your best you.

Are you ready for a life with balance?

Schedule your next session with Rebecca, The Relaxologist, for regular massage in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, and feel relaxation take over the stress in your life.