…You can still have a massage! Except many spas and salons will refuse to offer a massage to anyone with a history of cancer. However the Relaxologist has become a Certified Oncology Massage Therapist to specialise in providing wonderful treatments to those who need it most by adapting the techniques used so that you can continue to enjoy the benefits of massage when times feel hard enough.

Its all about you

Every massage offered by the Relaxologist is unique with or without a diagnosis of cancer. An Oncology Massage uses adapted techniques so as not to over stimulate your body when it is already being challenged. The initial consultation will guide us to design a treatment that will reflect your current stage of health.

  • Each massage will always take consideration of how you are feeling on the day.

  • You will not have to take your clothes off if this is too demanding you can still benefit from a Relaxologist massage.

  • We will make sure that you are comfortable even if you have a collection bag, lines or ports to contend with.

We adapt our massage techniques to allow for the demands placed upon your body during and after cancer treatment.

You will not need a letter from your doctor to have a massage however we will willingly communicate with your oncology team. Receiving massage as part of an overall care package has been shown to reduce the duration of hospital stays.